Posted March 30th, 2011



ATTENTION:  The Wisconsin Women’s Rugby Club is seeking a Head Coach




The WWRFC is looking to hire a coach.  The Coach is expected to run practices, travel with the Club, attend games, and be a positive addition to the Club.  The WWRFC practices two nights a week at the Crossroads Pitch located just east of Madison, WI.  The Club practices during the fall (mid-August to play-offs) and spring (late March to mid May) seasons, and the Coach is expected to represent the Club during these seasons.  The Coaching position will be paid.


About the WWRFC:  WWRFC is the only Division I Senior Women’s Rugby Club in the state.  The Club’s League is composed of Chicago North Shore, Chicago Women, and Detroit.  The players on the Club are mostly from the Madison area with some players traveling from Milwaukee, Dubuque, and other surrounding areas.  The Club prides itself with the fact that the Women that compose the Club are incredibly enthusiastic, friendly and positive, and we have a reputation for it!  Visit the Club’s website for the roster and other information, www.wwrfc.com.


To apply, please fill out the Application Form and e-mail, or mail it to Caitlin Keating-Bitonti, President of WWRFC.  If you e-mail, please have subject line read:  WWRFC Coaching Application.  Application deadline June 31, 2011.  We will contact you to set up a phone conversation or meeting in early July after receiving your application.  To fill out the Application Form click here.


Caitlin Keating-Bitonti, 1215 W. Dayton St., Madison, WI 53706


Thanks for your interest in the WWRFC!


For more information on the Wisconsin Women’s Rugby Football Club, please visit our website:  www.wwrfc.com