Posted December 22nd, 2007 - Updated 11/20/10


The Midwest Rugby Territory is accepting Bids for all Midwest Venues.  This Bid Package is offered to introduce you to opportunities for partnership with the Midwest Rugby Territory by serving as a Host Committee for an upcoming Midwest Tournament.  It is our objective that each Midwest Venue serves the mission to help the sport of Rugby in the Midwest to grow in quality, image, and awareness.  Each Host Committee plays a key role in helping us to meet our collective mission.


We look to partner with the Host Committees to develop and produce something more than a Tournament.  We hope to promote it to an audience that is wider and more diverse than those that have attended past Rugby Tournaments.  For these venues, the Midwest Rugby Territory will work with the Host Committees on a more extensive promotional plan to achieve broader goals and greater potential profit for the Hosts.


In all cases we must meet certain minimum standards that will insure that all the needs of the athletes and the requirements of the sport are completely fulfilled for safe, quality matches.


For each venue, the Midwest Rugby Territory will work with the Host Committee to develop guidelines and achievement milestones.  We will work together to find ways for the Host to cover costs or profit from the event.


If you are a member Club in good standing with the Midwest you are eligible to Bid to Host one of our upcoming venues.  Please see the list below:


Date - all in 2011:

Men's Collegiate LAU Championship Tournament

Women's U23 LAU Championship Tournament

Men's Division II & III Championship Tournament

Midwest Sevens Series Qualifiers

Midwest Sevens Series Championship Tournament

Men's 15s LAU Championship Tournament

Women's Division I Championship Tournament

Women's Division II Championship Tournament

>> TBD - Usually in mid April

>> TBD - Usually in mid April

>> April 30th and May 1st

>> June 4th through July 16th

>> TBD - Usually the 3rd weekend in July

>> August 13th and 14th

>> TBD - 2nd or 3rd weekend in October

>> TBD - Usually the last weekend in October



1 per 4 Teams (15s)

1 per 12 Teams (7s)

iRB standard Goal Post pads

Permanent or sturdy Goal Posts of iRB Standard Dimensions

Clearly lined with Chalk or Paint

Ropes and barriers must be maintained on all fields/pitches

Minimum Size:  60 meters x 90 meters with two 10 meter 'in goal' areas



1 Trainer per Field/Pitch available to players and officials as needed

Trainers must be available 1 hour prior to 1st match/game, and through a half an hour after the last match/game of

each day

It is preferred that a medical Doctor is available to assist Trainers as needed

Dedicated 'on call' Ambulance - an Ambulance does not need to be at the venue location, but the maximum response

time cannot exceed 10 minutes

Dedicated covered Medical Area - a tent with a medical table will suffice

Tape and Ice must be available in the Medical Area at all times



Food and Water must be available to purchase throughout the event



A Vendor Area must be provided

Midwest RFU Sponsor must be given the first right of refusal to attend all Midwest Events/Venues



A suitable covered area must be provided for Referees

Chairs for Referees must be made available

Ice and Water must be available in the Referee Area at all times

A Table and Chair[s] must be provided for Midwest Administrators for all Midwest Venues requiring 'check-in' of

players, and/or to oversee the venue



Bathroom Facilities (permanent or temporary) must be available field/pitch side - the total number should be based

on local ordinance requirements

A 'PA' system should be available for announcements

Bleachers and/or dedicated spectator areas should be provided

The Bid Form needs to be filled out in its entirety and returned by the end of December of any year, to be considered for any Midwest Venue.  You, your Club or Organization, may bid on any Midwest Venue, and as many venues as you feel capable of Hosting.  To make a copy of the Midwest Bid Form click here.


This is a great opportunity to promote Rugby throughout the Midwest by showcasing the finest venues in many locations.


Bid Forms need to be returned to the Midwest Vice President of Competitions:


Graeme Leask, 9390 Whitneyville Avenue, Alto, MI 49302, or electronically to:  Graeme Leask