Posted October 8th, 2009







Lewis University Men's Rugby Club is a member of CARFU's Collegiate Men's Division II.  Lewis University is a Catholic, mid sized Collegiate Division II University.  We are located in Romeoville, IL.  We have our own pitch located on our main campus.  Lewis University is easily accessible from I-55, I-80, and I-355.  We have about 30 Club members, and we practice 4 times a week, with two days strictly being ball movement, conditioning, and weight lifting in our recreation center.  We want our Coach there twice a week when we practice on our pitch and be there for game days which are always on Saturdays.


We are seeking a Rugby Coach for this fall season and many seasons to come.


Qualified candidates should be at least 18 years of age and retain (or be in the process of obtaining) USA Rugby Coaching Certification.  Candidates should be able to commit to attend and direct practices two times a week, preferably Tuesday and Thursday, and attend all league matches (attendance at non-league matches is strongly encouraged). 


The Spring season is typically for developmental, running from early March through May. 

The Fall season is our competitive League season, beginning in early September and continuing until the Midwest Collegiate Division II Playoff starts in late October.


For those interested please contact Ryan Bulfin, rbulfin@gmail.com, (C) 773-430-9744, Lewis University Men's Rugby Club President.  More details are available to individuals interested in Coaching the Club.