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USA Rugby Eligibility Regulations:

4.1. Collegiate Club Eligibility:

a) Each Club must be recognized by the College/University, Territorial Union, Local Area Union, and USA Rugby. 

b) Each Club must be in good standing with the College/University, TU, LAU, and USA Rugby.

c) Each Club must name their match roster, 1-23*, prior to kickoff of each match.  *All matches shall be governed

by iRB Law 3 with respect to substitutions and Front Row replacements.  In particular, Law 3.14 “Union Specific

Variations” will apply to Front Row replacements. 

d) Each Club may carry an unlimited number of players on its Roster.


iRB Law 3 - Number of Players - The Club:

3.5. Suitable Trained and Experienced Players in the Front Row:

a) The table below indicates the numbers of suitably Trained and Experienced Players available for the Front Row

when nominating a different number of Players.


Number of Players:

= Number of suitably Trained and Experienced Players:

15 or less


Three Players who can play in the Front Row

16, 17, or 18


Four Players who can play in the Front Row

19,20,21, or 22


Five Players who can play in the Front Row

(Union Specific Variations Law 3.14)

22 or 23


Six Players who can play in the Front Row


All players must meet the USA Rugby Eligibility Regulations.  To read all the USA Rugby Eligibility Guidelines click here

You will need Adobe Reader to read the guidelines . . . to download the free version click here.  Collegiate Men must be fulltime students, or show, from the Registrars Office, that they are in their last semester before graduating, i.e., a

student only needs to be registered in one class if said student is in their last semester before graduating.


To make a copy of the 'Roster Form' click here.  Make more than one copy if you have more than 28 players, or copy and paste into a Word document and make your own roster.  There's also an Online Interactive Roster Form that let's you fill it out online, and send to whomever you wish . . .you need to have Microsoft Office 2003 or higher to use that function . . . for that Roster click here.


Each player will need to present the following items at check-in:

  1. Player Participant Waiver and Release Form  (the Form MUST be filled out by each player before check-in)

  2. Photo ID (drivers license, passport, etcetera)

  3. CIPP card (or a copy of USA Rugby CIPP page for your Team with name[s] highlighted)

  4. Proof of Health Insurance (if the players name is not on, for example, the insurance card, generally where the      person is covered under a parent's or spouse's policy, you need not only the proof of the policy, but also that the individual player is in fact covered under the policy).

  5. Proof of citizenship, resident alien, or resident player status (if applicable, i.e. copy of birth certificate, passport, green card, or resident player documentation).  See the USA Rugby website for more information.

A recommendation: 

If you haven't already done so, as the Head Coach or the Manager, put together a binder containing a single sheet for each player, and on that one sheet have a copy of the players photo ID, CIPP card, proof of health insurance, and proof of citizenship/resident player status.  Put them in the binder in alphabetical order.  This will make things much easier at check in for the Midwest Tournament as well as for Nationals.  Plus, it is a useful resource (quick access to a players health insurance info if necessary, for example).

For check in, each Team is to give their binder (if they have one) to the person checking in players, and to line up their players in alphabetical order by last name.  Each player should have with them the 4 items mentioned above in case the photocopies are not legible.  Each player will be checked-in in order, and the whole process should not take very long at

all (5-10 minutes) if we do it in an organized fashion.

If you have any questions please contact . . .

The Tournament Coordinators:  Mike Cline and/or Shawn McKinney (618-829-3806)


Tom Rooney, Midwest VP of Collegiate and Youth, and/or Graeme Leask, Midwest VP of Competition